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Experience the Magic of Intuitive Music!


A sacred community celebrating Mother Earth and expressing Her

The Church of intuitive music is a sacred community who worships, honors and celebrates Mother Earth and all her beings. We love to express Her and our (inner) nature in the here and now by means of intuitive sound, (dance) movement, visual art and touch.


Intuitive music is the music coming from your soul, improvised in the moment. A group of intuitive musicians can be like a flock of birds, behaving like a single entity having twists and turns at the exact same time. They are connected to the same consciousness. Creating intuitive music in combination with dance, touch and visual art from this collective consciousness is a spiritual practice for us.


Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our greatest fear is that we are immeasurably powerful

- Marianne Williamson -

Examples of Intuitive Music

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